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GTA Vice City Cheats For PS2, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheat Codes

GTA Vice City Cheats For PS2, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheat Codes for PlayStation 2

This site contains a list of GTA Vice City games cheats, codes, tips, and other secrets for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PlayStation 2.

GTA Vice City Cheats For PS2

There's a glitch in the game that makes it feasible to ''morph'' with a motorbike. Whilst this glitch has been done, it's far impossible to get hit off your bike with the aid of every other car, or anyhting else. You can also pull off flips due to this glitch, in addition to gaining other big insane bonuses. 

To prompt this glitch, all you really need to do is leap on a bike at the same time as picking up a clothes pickup. First off: 

  1. Get to a garments pickup 
  2. Place your motorbike in the middle of the clothes pickup, then position your motorbike in order that the garments pickup is sticking further out than the alternative facet. 
  3. Get at the facet that has the clothes pickup now not protruding as a lot, and leap at the motorbike. If accomplished proper, you ought to ''morph''. You have to nevertheless be standing whilst the motorcycle is in between you. While you boost up the bike, you will run at the same time as the bike is going ahead. 

There are also different methods to do that, like drop kicking at the bike. It might be less difficult in case you devise your very own method. This glitch is hard to get achieved, so it will take a whole lot of exercise. Also, pcj 600s are the easiest for this. 

One proper vicinity to morph is on the garments pickup on top of the hyman condo. You can also want to use the north point mall, when you consider that there is two pickups there, and you can cross to and fro if you fail to make this glitch paintings. 

Now you will be able to do flips and crash into other objects with out falling of your motorcycle. This glitch will stay activated until the bike catches on hearth and finally blows up. To deactivate this glitch, just surely get off, shoot a weapon, or make a heavy turn or brake.

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